DomineXXX Beauties with an inner Beast


So you're feeling in a rather submissive mood and you are looking for the perfect Dominatrix to bring you to your knees. Well, how about two of them, instead?

We are very experienced in role play domination and have a happy little collection of male and female slaves that we are looking to add to. Think you can handle the humiliation?

Sensual Massage

Our initial entree into the whole adult entertainment world was through the two-girl massage offering. We have learned and are very proficient in the art of sensual relaxation and tension release.

If you are looking for a sensual massage in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, you will not find a better duo. Go on, you know you deserve it!.

Role Play

Within limits, we can be whoever you want us to be. We enjoy costume and role play and have created some lovely fantasies and memories for our clients along the way.

If you're looking for naughty nurses, stern teachers, or whatever .... just share your thoughts with us and let's see if we can develop your story with you.

The DomineXXX ladies

Selena is a high-energy, dynamic, and very positive young lady. Walking into any room, she commands attention and is quite comfortable in taking control within small to medium group encounters. She is 26, mixed race and ... read more.
Kari is an intelligent, and resourceful young woman, and is often the driving force behind any role play encounter. . She is equally comfortable in dominant role with male and female clients and will happily switch roles when playing with Selena, as many of the pictures on this site portray. She is 25, mixed race, and ... read more.