DomineXXX Beauties with an inner Beast

Bookings Policy

References or other verification.

Personal safety and security are our prime concern, as indeed they should be yours. We require that you be a verified client through P411 or Datecheck, or have seen at least two verifiable contacts within the past six months. If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, please understand that you will be asked to provide verifiable personal information such as residence, place or work, etc. Unless we have satisfied ourselves that you are who you say you are, we will not accept a booking request. For clients that we have not seen before, this process normally takes two or three days, so please factor that in to your time-line.

Financial transaction.

Please understand that payments made are for our time and anything that does happen beyond that will simply be a function of two (or three) consenting adults just hitting it off. That being said it is important that all monies are handled in a straightforward manner that avoids confusion and recrimination. Our policy in this regards is very simple. Have the agreed to monies in an envelope that you leave in plain sight when we arrive. Or in the event that we are providing the meeting place, have the monies in an envelope that you place on the nearest furnishing item upon entering the room. Do not make reference to the money. Just excuse yourself for a moment to go into the bathroom. Our time together will begin only after we have verified that the fees have been received in full.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Hygiene is extremely important in all aspects of our date. We will come to you freshly showered and with fresh breath and you should do the same. Not only does this signify the appropriate degree of respect in both directions, but it also bodes well for a healthier and more fun exchange.

Life knows no boundaries, but we do!.

Please stay within the boundaries of our agreed time together. Whatever the duration or nature of our agreed time should be understood and accepted. While we generally do not book more than a single client on the same day, we do both have private lives that require us to schedule our activities. We will always be on time for our appointmen and while we do not clock-watch, we require that we leave in the general vicinity of what the booked time-slot indicated.